10 Incidents that show Portals do exists On Earth Today.

10 Incidents that show Portals do exists

There are certain strange evens that suggest portals do exist. These events are researched by people of UFO researchers and organizations. Even CERN has talked in a hopeful tone about being able to understand other dimension.  The more we try to understand about other dimension, the more we have encountered such experiences.

Here are 10 strange incidents that has happened:


The lifting car, New Hampshire (2010)

portal-lifting-carWhile sitting in a parked car, two teenagers encountered a strange light in front of them. Then they felt their car lifting. The light surrounded them like it were a tunnel. They screamed and could see each other’s petrified face. But they couldn’t hear anything. They also heard a voice that asked them not to get scared but they didn’t feel calm. Then the light went and the car fell with a bang.

As soon as the incident took place, the teenager went to the girl’s house where her parents called the police. When MUFON came to investigate, there was a dent on the road that the car had created during its fall.


Car Vanishes into portal during Police Chase, Los Angeles (2015)

In 2015 a video thought to have been filmed by the Los Angeles Police Department, surfaced over the internet that showed a car disappearing during the chase. There are three explanations to the event and the speed the events took place in. The driver had knowledge of the portal’s whereabouts, the portal was created by the driver of the vehicle, or the portal was a completely freak occurrence. This probability is of course if it was a portal. It might have been a hoax video too. The video shows a car being chased by the police. The car takes a turn and then disappears into the fence. The fence is untouched and fine but the car disappears.

It might not be an authentic video but no explanations of why the car disappeared have not come into light.


CERN Opening Portal

CERN-Opening-PortalsConspiracy theorists have targeted the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) project conducted by CERN.  Whether it is for a slew of unsavory activities to the satanic rituals to world domination, the recent accusation is that CERN is opening up portals to another dimension. In June 2015, Dutch photographer Harry Perton snapped an image of what some believed to be the formation of one of these portals above the Dutch town of Groningen. Perton put the image online, asking people what they thought it was.

According to one reply, LHC has been closed down then, and two days later it opened with double the power which raised eyes of many.


Man walks through portal in closed shop, unknown location (2016)

A man was seen walking straight through the door of a closed shop in 2016. The video went viral but it questions authenticity because no one knows where it came from. The video shows a hooded person entering in to the flash that appears on the door. He goes inside and there are certain light inside too. The CC camera also seems to be affected by the light.

People have nicknamed him as ‘Time Travelling Ghost’ but many believe that this video is a hoax.


The Swirling Vortex in the Sky (2016)

In 2016, a 45second video of Vortex swirling in the sky got viral. A strange object was seen entering the vortex before it disappeared. There were many comments to tell people this was the proof that another space and time does exist. Given the technology that requires traveling vast distance according to scientist and ufologist would have been solved if there was a ‘portal’ or ‘wormhole’. But whether this is possible or not is still in question.

Some skeptics say that it was result of the tornado, others simply state that the video was fake.


NASA declares portal to the sun exists above earth

According to NASA, the portal or ‘Point X’ does exist above the earth and the agency was continuing its work.  According to plasma physicist Jack Scudder, these X-points are created where the Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields connect. However, we don’t know where these portals lead. The NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale mission launched in 2014 and will continue to study the phenomenon. Scudder also studied data collected by NASA’s Polar spacecraft, which spent considerable time in Earth’s orbit.


The Mann Family, Reading, England (1978)


John Mann was driving with his wife, sister and two children on a 90 minute journey that they made many times. But this time, their journey was very strange. They were driving when they saw very bright light. John stopped the car and went out to inspect where the light was coming from. The family urged him to get back inside as the light came near them. He went back to his car and when the light passed by their car, they were no more on the road but were in what it looked like hedged tunnel. But without realizing, they were again back on the road. When they came back, two hours had already passed. The next day they went in search for the tunneled road but never found it. Was it some kind of portal?


The Salyut 7 incident orbiting the Earth (1984)
The-Salyut-7-IncidentIn 1984, ‘angel like’ creatures were reportedly seen around Salyut station. The whole structure was bathed in an orange glow. The people who experienced this saw the light engulfing the ship and they felt it penetrating their feelings. They felt calm and joy. They were seen on two different occasions by six different cosmonauts. It was when Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space.

Had Salyut 7 entered another dimension from portal above earth?


The Harry Turner Incident Virginia (1979)


Harry Turner, the truck driver reached his final destination without any memory of the journey. He sees on the floor that he had fired eight shots from his gun but doesn’t remember why. Suddenly he remembers and what he does remember is very strange. He remembered his truck being swallowed by a bright light as he was driving to Fredericksburg from Winchester, Virginia. He remembers as the door to his truck flung open and an iron like grip caught hold of his shoulder. He tried to fight back and that was when he fired all eight shots even though he could not see who his attacker was. Next thing he knows is he is in a parking lot of the warehouse at 3:00 am. On examining his vehicle, it stated that it has travelled only 27 km when his journey was supposed to have been 130 km.
Turner believes he got into a portal where an extra terrestrial being grabbed him. The report was made to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) but still is unexplained.

The Melting Car, Chicago (2008)


A student experienced an opening and closing of a portal while returning home in Chicago on November 2008. She started experiencing banging on the road even though she was the only one. It seemed like someone was ramming her car. At one point she even went to another lane. She stepped out of the car after a while when the banging stopped to see what was damaged. The windows and shell of the call was not damaged but the door looked like it was melted from extreme heat. Also there were no marks that showed dents made from another vehicle.

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