10 Things about Swedish Girls Every Guy Should Know

10 Things about Swedish Girls Every Guy Should Know

Swedish Girls


Value Design in the Modern Socialist Country

Every single thing from simple chairs to lamps is designed in detail. Everything is optimized, logical and clear mostly in public spaces. But unlike the public spaces, women are exaggerated and their talent level competes very poorly with other countries in Eastern Europe.


Two beauty levels

In Sweden there are the elites who are really pretty, thin and beautiful. And then there are the others who are cute but may be a little clumsy in their appearance. Most women in Sweden are over weight. It’s one of the fattest countries in Scandinavia but had a close call with Denmark. If you are into chubby blond girls, Sweden might be heaven for you.


Chucks on Everything

Sweden is a country infected with plain hipster style. That is why; you’ll see a lot of girls with converse and stocking that are torn. They wear Chucks on everything from dresses to jeans. It’s like flip flops to US. Not just girls but even guys wear Chucks every time. But like in Denmark, you don’t see as many Skrillex haircuts.


American Bridge to Happy Time

Most girls have visited or was an au pair in America. So, if she meets an American guy, it brings her to that happy place and bridges her to that happy time. An American guy doesn’t even have to drop his background; she will know it from his accent.


Swedish Girls are Very Friendly

Swedish girls are not sarcastic and do not like to show that they are superior. They are really friendly and would talk to you friendly. Things can go beyond friendship as well but better not assume it instantly.


Edge to Swedish Girls

The demography is not too good in Sweden like in many other countries. The number of males is more than females which might also give some advantage to women. While many Swedish men don’t approach a woman, they have connections through which they can approach them. Some conversations with women might end in a minute while some can be long conversation with their desirable girl.


Roaming Eye

Swedish girls unlike women from Easter Europe are not looking to replace her man but are looking some are looking for a fling. According to modern feminist theory, it is good for a girl to be with some men to find out what she’s looking for. But this sets a bad habit to go for the fling once more.


Social Circle Driven

Swedish people, as they admit a bit socially awkward and usually depend on their circle to meet people. This is especially true with the pretty ones who is usually surrounded by many. So, to talk to her, you need to isolate her from the group first. The most beautiful ones with boyfriends are the ones who are inside the cocoon mostly. It’s mostly difficult during the night time when they are surrounded with girls who are talking to them all night. It might also be difficult during the day time because you might get shyness in the way. Getting introduced by a closed group is much easier.


Drop the thought that you’re better than her

Be a confident person and talk with her but you need to drop your arrogance, cockiness and the thought that you are better than her. Swedish girls are a bit flexible but these are something you need to watch. Also, do not compare her with other foreign girls. A lot of Swedish men are bringing in Asian women due to which she might not fancy the comparison.

Talk about Travel, Music and Movies

Taking about Travel, Music and Movies is good because topics other than that might lead to some trouble. Any references to science or nature of men might get a negative response as Swedish women view the world gender neutral.

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