10 Fact About blue Maltese Tigers You Didn’t Know

The world we live in definitely consists of a wide variety of living creatures more than what human eyes can scrutinize.  From a single celled amoeba to the larger than life wild living creatures, the earth is home for millions of life forms. And the mighty Maltese tigers(blue tiger), which are often considered mythical and non-existing, are one of those cryptic life forms on Earth. Several stories keep turning up in ways to statethey actually exist. But nobody really knows where all those stories have really come from. Why this particular tiger is mythical is essentially because of its blue color – which is pretty much rare. Yes, a blue tiger, absolutely lively and fierce. Whether or not it exists, wouldn’t that be some masterpiece of the almighty creator?


However, in the world with such a height of technological advancement and long history of evolution, is it so impossible to trace the existence of this creature? Had it always existed? Or had it not? And if it is really mythical, how did the story start? Let’s dig out some facts for and against the existence of this gorgeous creature.

Some facts that show it existed:



“Spotted” multiple times


Maltese tigers a.k.a. blue tigers are the mutation of Bengal tigers which were sporadically reported to have spotted in Fujian Province of China back in 1910. Sightings of Blue tigers have been reported in Korea and Burma as well.


A whole book was written about the blue tiger


The fact that shows it existed revolves around the first report of its sights in 1910 by an American missionary and hunter, Harry Caldwell.He has spoken about these creatures in his books Blue Tiger (1924) and Camps and trails in China (1925),which were written by his travel companion Roy Chapman.An extract:

The markings of the beast are strikingly beautiful. The ground color is of a delicate shade of Maltese, changing into light gray-blue on the underparts. The stripes are well defined and like those of the ordinary yellow tiger.

Caldwell, Chapman (1925)


More stories of its sightings turned up in Korea and Oklahoma

The report of Maltese tigers being spotted came much recently from Korea by US Army Soldier while the time of Korean War. It was spotted in the mountains which is now a demilitarized zone. Also in 1964, people in Oklahoma claimed to have seen the birth of Maltese cub which later was killed in infancy by its mother.


Such mutation is scientifically possible. So, why not?


Is the existence of such mutants possible? Science explains, yes. The term Maltese comes from domestic cat terminology that means blue fur and slate grey coloration. Wide existences of such cats were observed in Malta which might have given the rise to this adjective.So, the existence of Maltese colored cat breeds are considered possible with no shade of doubt. The most common is domestic cat breed Russian Blue and also bobcats and lynxes. There’s also an evidence of genetic mutation and combination causing bluish hue in the color of a cat skin. However,in case of tigers, the most possible genetic mutation might produce solid blue-gray color as produced in domestic cat breed, but not the blue stripes as has been reported.


Given a benefit of doubt, considering its non-existence hasn’t been proved either.

Maltese tigers, considering Darwin’s theory

The South Chinese tiger were illegally used in traditional Chinese medicines. Also, the hunting of tigers might have caused the endangering of these species.  Thus, in support of Maltese tigers, considering Darwin’s theory, it can be said that nominal numbers of these species might have existed, but due to the lack of proper environment for their survival, unmanaged hunting or their lack of self-capacity to fight for survival and rare breeding of such mutation, they eventually got extinct. Though there aren’t any proper fossils to support the existence of Maltese tigers as dinosaurs and dragons, there are however many beliefs of their existence and extinction.

Some facts that show it never existed


“Law never considers anything without proof.”Even if it’s not about the laws, the proofs are equally relevant here. So, where are the solid evidences??

Well, from the above facts itself we can see the contrary view for supporting their existence. I mean, there has never been records of any solid evidence for the existence of Maltese tigers. Had it ever existed, there would surely have been some visible evidence or some future species from those species for scientists to confirm their existence.


And where are the rational facts??


The American missionary who spotted the tiger for the first time thought that it was a person in a blue suit and later found out it was a tiger. It came in international focus after he mentioned it in his book. Also, in Oklahoma’s case, it has weak grounds of evidence because the cub was reported to be killed in infancy by its own mother. The photograph is there, where the slight bluish-grey shade is visible but clearly that can just be a photographic effect. In Korea as well, the mountain where it was traced by a soldier, is now a demilitarized territory.


Do you think these modern scientists and technologists will let go of such a mighty Blue tiger when they can trace out history  from the dust of sea rocks?

We live in the world with billions of years of evolution theories. We know better of anatomy of dinosaurs and first Homo erectus. There is not even a one percent chance that scientists of modern world would have left any odds to trace the evidences of this Blue tiger had there been any.


But, we also live in the world of myth and superficial creatures


However, Blue tiger is not only a mythical animal. We live in a world full of Gods and demons. So considering it as a myth is an unusual fact. It might as well be mythical,just as Yeti.The “Black tiger” was also long considered mythical but several pseudo-melanistic or hyper-melanistic tigers were proven to exist with no complete black fur but dense wide black stripes which hides the orange background fur.


Whatever it is, let’s enjoy the mystery!!

So, mythical it may be or not, we cannot really confirm it but what we sure can do is enjoy this little mystery and imagination of what beautiful creature would a blue tiger be. Anyway, I’d like to know what you think – do Maltese tigers really exist? Share it in the comments below.


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