Top 10 interesting facts about Female Pigs

Top 10 interesting facts about Female Pigs

Pigs certainly are popular in the animal kingdom, whether because they provide super delicious meat or can become weirdly cute pets or some cute emoticons on social media. You surely can’t have missed out a pig. But how much do we actually know about pigs? Especially Female pigs are considered significant because they have a wide speciality in symbolism around the world. Here are some Top 10 facts about female pigs:


Female pigs and their names


A mature Female pig is called a Sow, so basically the mothers are called sow. if the pig is young and hasn’t given birth, she is called a gilt. On average, a female pig becomes eligible for reproduction at around 8 months and mostly they are bred at one year of age.A guilt becomes a sow after a year of its birth. That’s a pretty young age to become a mother but that’s the specialty of pigs, they grow very quick unlike us humans.


The Female Pig who got hanged for allegedly murdering a child:


You don’t often hear an animal being hanged for murder or any crime but it has taken place in history. Probably one of the most bizarre incidents to take place and the strangest.  In 1408, a sow was hanged in the French town of Pont de l’Arche having been convicted of murdering a young child. Much details haven’t been found about the incident about how the pig was convicted but the sow was hanged for allegedly murdering a child. Pigs are the ultimate survivors; they can become cannibal if they need to survive.  The next time you go near a pig, you better watch out.


Female pigs can actually support human foetuses:


Pigs are very similar to human being even though we look very different. Pigs are genetically similar to humans; pig valves are used to transplant human hearts. But this will be the most interesting thing about similarity about humans and pigs. Pigs  could act as surrogate mothers to human foetuses. Such a procedure is obviously far in the future, but it could prove a blessing for families unable to otherwise have children. It’s also been suggested that pigs could be used to save babies who would otherwise be aborted. However, even if the technology was perfected, the moral and ethical hurdles would be enormous. Who would want to have their babies be developed inside a female pig? Would you?



Female Pigs i.e. sows are significant in different cultures around the world:


In ancient Egypt pigs where associated with Set, originally the god of the desert, Storms, Darkness, and Chaos.  In Egypt. Sows were symbols of fertility as in the imagery of the sky goddess Nut sucking her many piglets, the stars.The pig is associated with fertility and virility in Chinese culture. They are also popular in current culture as Winston Churchill says “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals,”



A female pig can give birth to a lot of litters:


Pigs are known to give birth to a lot of babies. The infant pigs are called piglets and there can be a lot of piglets when a sow gives birth. On average a sow gives birth to 12 piglets. But that’s just the average. It depends on different variables. However, the largest litter of pigs on record was 37! 37? That’s huge. Imagine 37 piglets coming out from a single sow.


Purpose of raising Female Pigs:


Gilts are kept primarily for reproduction. They are fed, handled and selected with the idea that they will produce the next generation of pigs. Although they can become sexually mature sooner, a gilt usually is bred for the first time between six and nine months old. After breeding or having a litter, she is called a sow. Gilts not selected for breeding usually are used for meat. Barrows are kept primarily for meat production. They gain weight quickly and can be slaughtered as young as four to six months old for pork, or as late as 8 to 10 months old for bacon.


Maturity of Female Pigs:


A young female pig is reproductively mature around the age of eight months. Sows typically give birth to eight or nine piglets with each litter, with some litters having as many as 12 piglets. If there are more piglets born in a litter, they are usually smaller. Once the piglets are born, the mother and babies are separated into their own stalls to prevent the sow from accidentally lying on or rolling over one of her piglets


Female pigs are very good lullaby singers:


New-born piglets learn to run to their mothers’ voices and to recognize their own names. Mother pigs sing to their young while nursing. It’s not just humans who can sing lullabies, Animals do love Music and female pigs are very good at it.


Female Pigs develop a different behaviour before giving birth [farrowing]


A day or two before she’s ready to farrow, the soon-to-be-mother pig will:Wander away from the group to search out a secluded site to give birth;Dig a hollow area at the site with her feet and snout;Gather vegetation, such as twigs and grasses, to use as bedding;Arrange the gathered bedding in the hollowed out area to make a nest that provides a warm, comfortable shelter for her piglets.


Female pigs are good builders:


Female mother pigs build nests out of grass and other foliage before farrowing, (giving birth) the need to do this is so strong that in the environment of the modern factory farm pigs become frustrated when they are unable to do so.


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