10 things to know about James Wood IQ

10 Facts about James Wood IQ

Celebrities are praised for their fabulous designer attire and their handsome figure and beauty. They are the faces on red carpet for glam cam. They rule their world of fashion, beauty and acting but are said to be not so on point when it comes to intelligence. Well, it’s certainly not the case here. James Wood, an actor, producer and director has impressed people not only from his lean built and handsome face but also his IQ of 180. He is known as the celebrity with highest IQ.

The average IQ is 100 and anything above that is beyond average. The IQ has been briefly put under the following categories:

  • 115-124 – Above average (e.g., university students)
  • 125-134 – Gifted (e.g., post-graduate students)
  • 135-144 – Highly gifted (e.g., intellectuals)
  • 145-154 – Genius (e.g., professors)
  • 155-164 – Genius (e.g., Nobel Prize winners)
  • 165-179 – High genius
  • 180-200 – Highest genius
  • >200 – “Immeasurable genius”

Wood lies under ‘Highest Genius’ having the IQ of 180. Here are 10 facts about James Wood and his IQ.


Wood is the celebrity with highest IQ

james wood iq

Wood, now 69 years old is a celebrity with highest IQ of 180, which is 20 points more than Albert Einstein iq. He could be one of the smartest people in Hollywood to score almost 100% in his SAT.  He scored 800 in his English and 779 in Mathematics.


Not the smartest person alive in the world

James Wood sure has an IQ of 180 which is more than Stephan Hawking who has an IQ of 170 but he isn’t the smartest person alive. An Australian Mathematician Terence Tao has an IQ of 225-230 and there are many other’s like Christopher Hirata (IQ 225) and Kim Ung-Yong ( IQ 210) who land on the top 10 list of world’s highest IQ.


Schooling and education

james wood family guy

Wood studied in Pilgrim High School which is a fictional school in the popular “Family Guy” television series that is named after this actor. Later he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he majored in Political Science. He was also active member of student drama group, ‘Dramashop’ where he acted and directed a number of plays. He pledged to Theta Delta Chi Fraternity. But he left MIT to pursue his career in acting.


He wasn’t the only smart one in MIT

In an interview on a show, Woods said that he was not the smartest one on the class. His class had 900 students where 500 had scored 800 in Mathematics in their SAT while he had scored 779 so he fell on the bottom half. He said that it was an instant eye opener.


Acting career from theater

james wood starting career theater

Wood had his Broadway debut in 1970 at the Lyceum Theatre but had played in thirty six plays already. He got his part by pretending to be British. On 1971 at American premiere of Michael Weller’s Moonchildren, he played Bob Rettie. The production moved to Broadway the following year and Woods won a Theatre World Award for his performance. He returned to Broadway in 1973 to portray Steven Cooper in the original production of Jean Kerr’s Finishing Touches.


Television and Film

His first television appearance was in 1981, All the Way Home and his film debut on 1972 in The Visitors. Woods has appeared in over 130 films and television series as of 2013. His characters in movies are very dark and dangerous. He has played as murderer, serial killer, and rapist and so on.  The role of “Mr. Orange” was offered to James Woods in the classic Quentin Tarantino film “Reservoir Dogs.” But his agent neglected to tell him about the offer and the agent was fired as a result.



james wood emmy awards character

The 180 IQ celebrity is not just smart but really talented as well landing many awards and nominees. He has won Emmy Awards for his role in 2 tele-movies, “My Name Is Bill W.” and “Promise”. He also won an Emmy award for his role in the animated series of “Hercules”. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards for two roles wherein he played characters based on real life people. He played Richard Boyle in “Salvador” and Byron De La Beckwith in “Ghosts of Mississippi.” On October 15, 1998 James Woods received a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is located at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California.


Voice Over by Woods

james wood voice over iq

Wood has lent his voice to many fictional characters like ‘Hades’ in 1997 film Hercules. He also was the voice of Phillium Benedict, the twisted former headmaster who attempts to abolish summer vacation in 2001 movie Recess: School’s Out. He also did one episode as a fictional character of himself in ‘The Simpsons’ and seven episodes in ‘The Family Guy’.


Hobbies of Wood

The genius Wood is an avid video game player. He likes to play video games during off time in his shoot. He is also an avid poker player. He has played in cash games and many other tournaments.  He played in the World Poker Tournament’s Hollywood Home Game series in 2004 for the American Stroke Association charity. He landed on seventh place at the 2015 World Series of Poker in the $3000 No Limit Shootout event. He is also a dealer of antiques in Rhode Island.


Wood’s Family

Born on April 18, 1947 in Vernal,Utah, Woods was a part of Irish descendent and was raised Catholic, briefly serving as an altar boy. His father died in 1960 after a routine surgery. Gail Peyton Wood was an army intelligence officer. Wood’s mother, Martha A. (née Smith), had a pre-school after her husband’s death and later married Thomas E. Dixon. Wood had a brother who was 10 years younger than him.

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