8 Things to know About Norwegian Girls

8 Things Every Guy Should Know About Norwegian Girls 



Most hottest and least Heavy in Scandinavia

Norwegian girls are the hottest and thinnest in Scandinavia. Though some may be a bit bulky because of the task they do in winter like pulling sleigh and all, they wear booty shorts with their toned tanned legs in winter. They have a beautiful thick lip which is not found in other Scandinavian girls.


Not American Crazy

Unlike Swedes, they are not fascinated with Americans or care if a guy is from America or not.


Eye contact and smile


Well you might get some cues with eye contact and smile but you won’t get approached outright. So you should brace yourself for some quick rejection.


Establish Comfort

There was a rape wave a couple of years ago where immigrant took girls to alleys and raped them. The girls were advised to be careful. So, if you’re an immigrant and want to establish a good relationship, first make her feel comfortable.



Economically strong and it shows

Norwegians are the most triumphant financially among all the Scandinavian countries and well, it does show. The girls are a bit cocky but not as cocky as American girls.


Good looking guys

The Norwegian guys are very good looking. They are a specimen but they don’t approach girls that much so you’re on the safe side.



Midnight to 3 am

The nightlife in Oslo starts only from mid night and ends at 3 am. So, approaching a girl at around 2 am would be perfect when all the other guys are drunk and on their way.



Very Expensive

The place is very expensive. A vodka drink costs around $13-15. You should be ready to spend as much as $1,400 in just five days without even trying to spend money.


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