List of 10 Gay Animals that Practice Homosexuality

List of 10 Gay Animals

Homosexuality is not just present in humans but in animals too but it’s just us humans who have homophobia. Zoologists do not call animals gay, lesbian or straight but they prefer to call it attraction with the same sex. There are many animals who are attracted to their own sex and in some animals it’s a norm itself. The animals who are attracted to same sex have their own way of mating too.

According to Darwin, the sexual impulse in animals is designed to cause reproduction and hence, they are necessarily heterosexual but recent study has shown that animals can be gay too. Here is a list of 10 gay animals.



gay giraffe

Gay sex accounts 94% sexual activities are observed in Giraffe. Male giraffe have ‘necking’ which is like flirting occasionally to show dominance. Two males stand side by side and rub their neck on each other’s body including head, neck, thigh and loins. Some of these sessions can go on for hours and it leads to sexual arousal. While some giraffes get orgasm simply from ‘necking’, sometimes they also mount on each other to finish each other off. The male giraffes d not do it when they are alone. They can do it even in the presence of a female giraffe disregarding her.



miniature chimpanzees

Bonobos resemble miniature chimpanzees. They are the most intelligent among all other chimps. They are famous for using language of love than aggression. The female bonobos even have a unique way of having sex that is by rubbing their genitals together. Scientists call it GG-rubbing (Genito-Genital rubbing). Some scientists believe that their genitals have evolved over time just for lesbian sex rather than straight sex. Even the males get into sexual activity with each other but they take play-fight based approach.



Flamingos gay bird

Flamingos are monogamous species where they have monogamous partners that can be male-male, female-female or male-female. Once in Edinburg zoo, a pair of male flamingos adopted a grey chick that was thrown out but its parents.




Dolphins are also those animals that have same sex mating. Three quarter of bottle nose dolphins has same sex bonds and they may mate for life. When their partner dies then they have ‘mourning’ period.  They are mostly unsuccessful to find another mate because all males are taken but if they do find another widow dolphin then they get together. Some female spinner dolphins also ride of others dorsal fin. And orgy of same sex behavior in dolphin is called Wuzzle.



exclusively gay mammals ram

Domestic ram are the most exclusively gay mammals. About eight percent of male sheep tend to pair with another male sheep. They do not mate but act as couple in every other way. They represent the diversity of couples in animals but obviously are not quite popular among farmers who breed sheep.


Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats

One half to three quarter of vampire bats have companionship of females. They have a strange way of showing their commitment to each other. One female ‘donates’ blood to the other female i.e. they let the other feed on them. If this behavior is seen, then they have been together for 10 or more years.



Sea lions
Sea lions

80% or more Sea lions of New Zealand mate with other male partners. They get involved in it from play-fighting where they stand chest to chest against each other and push each other. The one who wins in this gains the superiority and mounts on the one who lost. Because of this, it is usually the young ones who mount on old ones.


Killer Whales

killer whales

One third to more than one third killer whales get involved in gay sex. It is mostly prevalent in adolescent killer whales. About 90% of mounting is reciprocated while mating.  Some killer whales also have a favorite whom they meet again and again every year.


Billions of bugs and spiders

gay sex bugs and spiders

Up to 85% of 110 species spiders and insects are getting hot on exoskeleton when it comes to gay sex even though they are cold blooded by nature. Bugs have evolved not to differentiate in their mating choices. Rejecting sex with female has more loss than mistakenly mating with a male for bugs. But some say there are no benefits of homosexual sex for bugs and they are just natural.



gay animals penguins

In zoos 5-10% percents of penguins have same sex bond. They are famous for their life long relationship with male and female pairs. While it has been argued in other species that homosexuality is species wide or accidental, in case of penguins it is different. A penguin is observed to search for another male penguin if their partner died and gay penguin couples are often noted to be good partners.

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