10 Minions Name that you didn’t know

Top 10 Minions Names and their Character describe on Despicable Me

The world just got a few ounces cuter with minions in it, don’t you think? These little yellow creatures with denims gru-minions-charactersand little feet, have given us one more thing to completely adore. So much that when we see bananas, we automatically remember, minions! Minions are the characters on Despicable me and Despicable me 2 where they serve for their master, Gru who in turn loves them immensely for their hard work and of course, his 3 daughters, who absolutely adores the minions.

So, these banana loving, tablet shaped, one or two eyed, overloaded cute minions, they all look alike but do they have their individual description? Why not? Let’s talk about them personally and you can choose your favorite.




The gang leader and the Bazoooka Dave, is one of the lead characters from the movie. Remember the scene where he exploded all the minions over excitement for Gru launching his latest nefarious scheme? Well, That’s where he got his name bazooka. The smart and innocent Dave is one of Gru’s nearest, and well, everyone’s favorite. Dave loves ice cream and playing video games but more than anything, rockets and missiles. And do you know what Dave hates? Waiting.




The little Stuart, we are talking here is not “Stuart- the mouse” but “Stuart-the minion” who is always the right hand of his best friend Dave. Yes, Dave’s video game partner and his partner in crime. Stuart is the one eyed minion who laughs his best at “bottom… hahaha” when he meets Silas Ramsbottom for the first time. That did make all of us laugh too. Stuart is the funniest and playful of all but totally hates when he gets bullied by other minions




He is the one who doesn’t like Edith, well that’s what we think because remember when she trapped Jerry in front of Gru when he found them playing with toilet paper. And that “Whaaaatttt” with the adorably shocking expression, that’s what we absolutely love Jerry for! Yeah, Jerry is Stuart’s BFF (Best friend Forever) and he is often seen accompanying and playing with Stuart. Minion with a Spiky hair, Jerry loves playing guitar too. And how can we forget that sweet minion lullaby he played for the girls when Gru asked him to look after them. Oh the sensitive Jerry, he gets sad on getting bullied and also gets scared when he hears strange noises.




We can call him fatty minion or the one with the round bottom, because he looks so cool being so carefree about his waist line. And specially when he makes photocopy of his round bottom, which is his favorite thing in entire world. Jorge, I must say is the coolest one of having such traits which I guess every homo sapiens here should acquire. Straight hair and bit shorter height than other minions, he is one of the cutest in the gang!




The smallest minion recorded in Guinness World Records is none other than Kevin. Yes, the one eyed and center parted faced minion is Kevin. He looks like Stuart however smallest of all and he is the one who was presented during the presentation of Gru in the Bank of Evil. He loves making fun of others though, considering how he teases Jerry for being coward. He is also not the bravest or the smartest one since he could do nothing when Jerry got abducted. Oh the poor thing, he gets turned into evil minion after Phil though.




Noticed the sweet little minion in the French maid outfit and cleaning the home in Despicable me 2? Well that’s Phil. Yes, he is also one of the three guys who was asked to get Agnes a new unicorn. When he gave her the “Papoi” he receives his favorite thing in the world- Agnes’ Kiss! Yeah, Phil loves getting kisses from Agnes as much as he loves singing “Copacabana” karaoke with Mark and Tim. Sadly, he gets captured by Dr. Nafario later. However, we can know him as the happiest minion because well, he laughs at almost everything, making us all laugh too.




Well, here comes the idol of all minions, Mark, the mother in the trio sent for bringing Agnes’ unicorn. He is best remembered for singing his heart out at karaoke along with Tim and Phil.  Two eyed and combed hair, he loves nothing else but singing!!




Ahh, a minion with a temper and personality, you can call him Tim. Yes, another part of the trio, who played the father and who absolutely loved being one, in sense of controlling and bossing around. He is also the tallest one among all the other minions and loved being the leader of all. And that obviously suits you, Tim.  With that tiny clump of hair and a father in disguise, Tim is absolutely the heartthrob. He, however, hates being laughed at and losing to another minion.





If there’s someone who loves short buzzed hair and making different sound, he is Carl. Carl loves playing with other minions and likes to skateboard. He was actually the one who put out fire along with Josh in Gru’s office.He is also seen spraying fire extinguisher at Stuart at the ice cream party. No doubt, this small one eyed minion is irresistibly cute.




How can we forget Bob? Where is he in the movie, you ask? Well, he is currently orbiting the earth after he was given the anti-gravity serum. Poor Bob, must be having a good roaming up there, huh. He is one-eyed small minion who loves travelling the universe? May be. 😉


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