Top 10 Deadliest Russia Wars in History

Top 10 Bloodiest wars with Russia in History.

When it comes to Russia, everybody is downright skeptic to what Mr. Putin is up to now. Perhaps, the blame is to be taken by the new world media alienating what remains of former Soviet Union and outright suggestions of Russia going to war. An ex-Nato deputy commander even went on to say that West and Russia are on course of war in a recent guardian article. Whether it is war in Russia or war on Russia, from the looks of it, Russia and the west have some serious relationship issues that need to be sorted out because it is not just their asses on the line but the entire humanity is at stake.  Battle of the giants has always taken lives of the innocent ones and the global history has documented it with horrors. Add Russian conflicts into the mix and it is all the same. The Russian war history is not that well to indicate positive action anytime soon. To just give you a better idea of how controversial and frivolous are the intricacies of Russia and war, we have compiled a list of top 10 Russian Wars. Here it goes.


World War Iand Russia


When you make your bed in Roses, you get the thorns. Germany surprise-attacked Russia but once again, the soviet were able to keep Germans out by using extreme weather conditions to their advantage as it had happened with Napoleon Bonaparte. The world saw the largest tank battle along with gravest of war crimes committed on both sides. It remains as a crater in the Russian War History

23 Million Soviet Casualties

13 Million Civilian Casualties

14 Million Wounded

192 Billion Dollar tabulated as Financial Cost




Russian Civil War


The Russian Civil War was a civil war fought from November 1917 until October 1922 between several groups in USSR. The main fighting was between the Red Army and the White Army. The Red Army was an army of communists through which Lenin dissolved parliament and ruled by decree. The White Army who opposed the communists lost their life and the war.


8 million people killed

50 billion rubles or $35,000,000,000 in today’s price lost.

Famine, Starvation and Epidemics entrenched USSR



World War I and Russia


Russia fought against Germany in 1914. A massive Russian army formation took place by coercing civilians. Despit the numbers, the untrained country men had a tough time without even basic weapons and food. It took a treaty with Germany to move from agro economy to industrial economy and the redistribution of wealth to peasants as promised. But, the USSR never knew they were heading for another war and the restructuring of state to balance themselves.


2 Million Russian Soldiers Killed

$ 22,293,950,000 financed over 1914-1918



Soviet-Afghan War


The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989. When the pro-Russian government started inducing modern reforms effort and executing whoever came in its way, the Afghani Mujahideen retaliated with support from Pakistan and China primarily funded by the USA and the persian Arabs. The war weakened the then USSR hold on global stage and left its own borders crumbling while even gaining victory Afghanis struggled to balance the powers causing widespread havoc.


1 million civilians killed

15000 Russian Military killed

2.8 million Afghans took refuge in Pakistan

1.5 million fled to Iran



The Napoleonic Wars and the War of Seventh Coalition


When sixteen countries fight for territory and Napoleon Bonaparte breathes fire on the battleground, then what you get is a prehistoric world war. Also, known as Hundred days Napoleon, the final Napoleon battle is perhaps one of the major events in history to have shaped modern world because this is where Napoleon lost his victory streak at the Battle of Waterloo and Europe saw decades of prosperity and peace. But, it is not just money that has gone into fighting this war. The price has been paid by blood by not just Russians all of Europe.


289,000 Russian dead or missing

2,015,000 in Total Europeans dead or missing



Russia Chechnya Conflict


The breakdown of Soviet Union has had a devastating effects for Russia and its surrounding territories. Also, dubbed as Russia’s Vietnam War the Russian-Chechen conflict saw two wars in 1994 and 1999 in which both parties contributed to heavy civilian losses. First war was to give a blow to separatist movement and second also for the same purpose with added incentive to fight back Islamic terrorists. Nevertheless, the bitterness between the countries remains.

80000 in 1994 and 80000 in 199 Civilian Casualties according to Society for threatened people



Annexation of Crimea and Military Intervention


Photo Source

When Victor Yanukovich sparked political crisis in Ukraine, the history of crimea invoked serious anti-national sentiments towards Ukraine. Crimea holds majority of Russian speaking populace and Russia’s policy has been to protect its citizens by military intervention in the past. The Crimean people were caught up busy replacing town hall flags with Russian ones and even electing Russian mayor in the internationally recognised territory of Ukraine. Russia prompted to action. On February 24, Russia prompted to action and the military personnel took control of Crimean Parliament to controversially decide on Crimean annexation into Russian Federation. But, the economic costs and human costs have failed to restore the days of glory to both the people of Crimea and Russia as this event only marked a dent in the picture.


$27 billion dollars (including sanction) of Economic cost for Russia in 2014

9,933 people killed



Russia Ukraine Conflict 2014


After Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014, they helped create a hostile eastern Ukraine through pro-Russian separatists. Only 6000 combat troops from the Ukrainian front would not be enough to show the mighty 100,000 troops positioned near Ukraine who is the boss.

With Russia still holding grudge over post cold war separation and huge economic ties to Europe through Ukrainian borders, Russia has enough incentive to take this situation further. But, people will have to take the fall nonetheless.


5,665 people killed

13,961 wounded

5.2 million people affected

978,482 internally displaced people within Ukraine


Source: Figures from UN reports, 6 and 17 February, 2016



Russian Intervention in Syrian Civil War


Photo Source

With President of Syria, Mr. Bashar al-Assad officially requesting Russia to help against the rebels and Jihadists, Russia came to rescue in September 2015. This latest endeavor of Russia has been promoted to establish legitimate government and stabilize the region but that needs to thoroughly tested as the battle on ground has become more and more complex as USA and the west support the rebels while attacking both ISIS while Russia’s objective aligns with President Assad. Syria today is the forefront of international power projection while the crisis unfolds for its citizens.


5000 killed through Russian Air-strikes

$4 Million daily spending by Russia

92000 civilian killed in Syrian Civil War

2 million internally displaces

350,000 migrated abroad



The North Caucasus Insurgency


Photo Source

Even when the Chechnyan conflict ended, the Russian Federation ordered security forces to enter breakaway regions of Chechnya. They were a direct result of two brutal wars between Russia and Chechnya. The fighting continues to this day and people still drop on the ground lifeless as iron bullets fueled the history and the future continues rip their flesh to shreds.


3289 Casualties

2799 Wounded

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