Top 10 Perfect Porch Monkey examples:

Top 10 Perfect Porch Monkey examples:

We’re all prone to acts of laziness. Maybe we should be washing the dishes, but we’ve instead elected to get drunk and play foosball. Maybe we’re supposed to be writing another article for the list-based website we work at but have instead fallen asleep face-down in a plate of nachos. Whatever. The point is, every single one of us occasionally indulges our lazy side.

But there’s indulging your lazy side, and then there’s dedicating your life to extreme acts of procrastination. The following people all have one thing in common: They took one look at your average lazy person and decided, “I can do better . . . as soon as I can be bothered.” Here’s a list of the perfect examples of Porch Monkeys:


Procrastination in OED


The Oxford English dictionary consist of around 228,130 words and meanings to them spread into 20 volumes. The first publication was to be made in 1889 starting from 1879.But only unto the word “ant” had been complied till the end of 1889 due to the procrastinating behavior of the members which became a wakeup call for the editors. Finally in 1928, the first edition was out with was readily out of date and the 2nd edition went into a forced production due to it


Saved by The Party:


Jhon Smith , the Englishman who met Pocahontas survived his death due to his executioners being too buys paying. He is one of the guys who who helped in establishing the town of Jamestown but was attempted to be murdered by his own fellow colonists. Once he was granted because the new governors thought he’d be of job and the next time he was alive due to his executioners being too busy partying.
That‘s a touch of a luck on point.They didn’t know that James had escaped until he reached 4000km away and set out to the ids covey of New World.


Procrastination to Productivity:


Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy’s writer Adamns was one of the laziest writers ever lived. Adams once took years to complete a book and to escape from his work he built a computer game. Back in that time making a commuter game was work of at least 5 to 8 people and he managed doing do. Procrastinating his work of writing he turned out to develop a click and play game. That’s a pain on productivity.


Relaxed Ananda:


Siddhartha Gautama the beacon of the East and Light of Asia was a great thinker and conscious wide man who was born before Jeus and spread his words among 500 million people. His teachings were great and most of the answers of the decibels were given prolly. But not all his students were eager. Ananda was a decipel of Gautama because of whom super important things about Buddism are still hidden. Only because he waiting till the death of Buddha to answer his questions about the vows.


Mona Lisa and Procrastination:


Da Vinchi was a genius of art and science but also was a great procrastinator when it came to work. How much do you think he took to paint Mona Lisa? 10 weeks? 15 weeks? But NO. Mona Lisa was painted in 15 years after Vinchi failed numerous times. Not because the picture was not yet perfect but because he was a great procrastinator. He used to extend times for the painting and he took the whole 25 years to paint Virgin of the Rocks from a seven-month commission, thanks to his wise procrastination.


Lazy Fuehrer:


Fuehrer or Adolf Hitler was not always a active man when it came to daily chores. Hitler from his days in Austria being a student or the leader of Germany was known to be an accomplished laggard. He used to stay long nights watching movies like gone with the Wind and being on bed till middays. He often would skip meetings and sleep. One needs to dream to conquer.





William Lamb, better known as Lord Melbourne, once quipped that he thought being prime minister would be a “damned bore.” And when the Whig politician became British PM in 1834, he set about confirming that suspicion: His tendency to snooze through cabinet meetings, parliamentary debates and dinners earned him a reputation as a chronic laggard and prompted Benjamin Disraeli to demand that he “cease to saunter over the destinies of a nation and lounge away an empire.” Melbourne — whose favorite dictum was “Why not leave it alone?” — was equally idle when it came to his private life, declining to separate from his adulterous wife for more than a decade after she had scandalized him by having an affair with Lord Byron (and writing a tell-all book about it).


Travelling Bush


Everyone knows the former president  George W. Bush. He was one of the greatest presents in the United States and was known for his active lifestyle. But little is known about his travelling habits. During his presidency, Bush spend an whooping 879 days on vacation on which 77 trips were made to his personal ranch in Texas. That is more than 2 years on vacation making around 30% of his time in the chair.


WanlI Went Obese:


One of the longest ruler in China is the Emperor Walni of the Ming Dynasty. He came into power in the late 1500s who came into power at his tender age of 9. But young Walni never worried about life as he spent 2/3rd of his life on lavish food and drinks along with doucebagery. He became so fat that he required people to help hi stand and walk. He started neglecting state affairs and meetings. He neglected important affairs leaving the empty thorne and even didn’t attend his mother’s funeral.


Procrastination to Nobel:


Procrastination is the epitome of laziness and the study of procrastination is the most actively lazy things one could do. George Akerlof  was curious about his behaviour of procrastination and decided to write a paper on it which turned the economist into a Nobel-Prize winner.The story started with a shirt that his friend left at his home when visiting india and Ankerlof procrastinated to mail them. This resulted the birth of Procrastination as a field of study in Economics and other sciences too.

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