Powerful 10 countries with strongest army in the world

Top 10 countries with strongest army in the world

A large amount of budget is separated for fighting battles because countries take special initiatives to militarily strengthen their country. Armies are considered an important part of the country and its security. It would not be possible to compare the strength of the armies hypothetically.  We leave the subject of bloodbath away and can have an idea of military power through arsenal in their possession, advanced technologies and training, power and number of allies, size of army, budget allocated and so on. Even though it is a subjective issue, several organizations like Business Insider has conducted studies to rank military power.

Here are the top 10 countries with strongest military armies:


The United States

usa army strongest army in the world

The United States spends more than the combined defense budget of the nine countries that is $612.5 billion. There are 1.4 million soldiers and 800,000 reservists with well trained men and women. It is the world leader in aircraft production with a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers and the carriers operated by the world together are 12. Navy’s new rail gun, 7,500 nuclear warheads at disposal is the cutting edge technology that made it number one military force since the Second World War.



russian army

The $76.6 billion defense budget is expected to grow 44% in the next three years. Since Valdimir Putin took hold of Russia in 2000, the military spending of Kermlin has increased about a third. As the Soviet Union collapsed two decades ago, the Russian Army has shown substantial growth.  It has 766,000 active frontline personnel, 2.5 million reserve force, 15,500 tanks and almost 8,500 active nuclear warheads. Russia is the country with largest tank force though the army receives mediocre training.



chinese army

There is an increase in the budget by 12.2% for defense which is a massive investment as the defense official budget is $126 Billion. It has 2.285 million active frontline personnel, 2.3 million reservists making the world’s largest land force, 25,000 land vehicles, 2,800 aircraft, 300 nuclear weapon and 180 different methods of deployment. It is also noted for successfully stealing sensitive military technology and recently has acquired sensitive information about the new F-35.




India with its massive number army size of 3.5 million including 1.325 million active military is the reason for it to remain among the best armies in the world. It has 16,000 land vehicles including 3,500 tanks, 1,785 aircraft with nuclear weapon. Though its defense budget is $46 billion, it is expected to rise by 2020 and become the 4th highest spending in military. It’s ballistic missiles can hit all of Pakistan or most of China and is the world’s largest military goods importer.


The United Kingdom

Army from britian
Another member of EU, the United Kingdom also has a plan to reduce the size of armed forced by 20% in between 2010 and 2018. Also apply smaller cuts to the Royal Navy and RAF with defense budget of $54 billion. It has 205,000 regular force, 908 aircraft and small air force and 66 ships with even smaller navy. Despite all these, the UK navy is still powerful one because of its superior training and 160 nuclear weapons. In 2020, the Royal Navy is also planning to put HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier into service. It is planned to carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters around the world.


france army

In 2013, France took the decision to ‘effectively freeze’ its military spending and cut down 10% from defense jobs to save money for technologically advanced equipment. The military budget is 1.9% of the country’s GDP, which is $43 a year that is below the target set by NATO. 220,000 regular forces with reservist is 500,000 with over 1,000 air craft and 9000 grounds vehicles. Though this might not be make the army fearsome, its position in the EU and UN with a total of 290 nuclear weapon make the country strong.



german army

Though the strongest economic forces and spends around $45 million every year, the condition of German army seems to have gone down in the past few years because of the 1950-60’s children were against war and its atrocities, also the fear of being beaten by other strong countries discourages them. Mandatory military services were eliminated in 2011 and hence it has only 183,000 active frontline personnel, 145,000 reservists, 710 air craft and nearly 5,000 various types of armaments.




The struggle in Syria, probability of clash with the Kurdish separatist organization, PKK, made Turkey realize that it needs to prepare itself as it shares border with regions having strong Islamic State presence. So, in 2015 it decided to increase its investment in defense by 10% so it’s defense budget is $18.18 billion. The army size including regular troops and reserves is just above 660,000 with 1000 aircrafts, 16,000 land weapons and has strong diplomatic ties with US.


South Korea

mulitiary exercise south korea

Sharing a border with a country like North Korea with powerful army is a threat along with the need to meet the increasing armaments of China and Japan, the South Korean army’s defense expenditure has been increasing and is currently $34 billion. It has over 640,000 active army personnel, 2,900,000 additional personnel in the reserve, small 116 ships, 15,000 land weapons, rocket system, and 2,346 tanks and has the sixth largest air force with 1,393 aircraft. It also routinely participates with US army in trainings.




The land of Samurais and leading military force in WW-II was prohibited from having an offensive army after the peace treaty of WW-II. First time in 40 years because of its expanding disputes with China, Japan started military expansion by placing a new base on outer island. In 101 years, for the first time, it increased its military spending to the world’s highest i.e. $49.1 billion. It has over 247,000 active personnel, almost 60,000 in reserve, 131 ships and 1595 aircraft which makes it the 5th largest air force. It maintains a solid military presence in Asia though its recent defense initiatives.

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