The story of 7 Horcrux

The story of 7 Horcrux

In this article, we explore how the horcruxes came into being and then destroyed in the Harry Potter series along with the subtle intricacies of characters and details. To all the Harry Potter fans out there, we hope this article serves as a flashback into Lord Voldemort and his dubious intentions manifesting in the form of Horcruxes and to the non-Harry Potter fans, may this article illustrate the story of horcruxes at the same time spoil your reading or watching of Harry Potter series in action. Proceed at your own peril.

Lord Voldemort, the infamous and the darkest wizard in the history of wizardry, apparently feared death to a stage where he became obsessed with achieving immortality. How a budding evil genius is to obtain what he sought the most? Not, through the elixir of life or the Philosopher’s Stone.  The evil answer lay in the book titled, “Secrets of the Darkest Art.” The subject was so vile that only rare people knew what it was but none of them knew the process or the repercussions.

If a soul were to be split, which happened only by an ultimate act of evil (Murder), then the portion of the fractured soul could be encased in an object – The Horcrux. Thus, the horcrux made a part of the soul eternally stuck in the mortal world and the person immortal.

There is hardly any record of soul splitting once before Lord Voldemort, but he was able to do it seven times dehumanizing him every time he did it. Each horcrux has a story of its creation and destruction, for to truly kill Lord Voldemort meant destroying all his horcruxes. Most of them had been protected by life threatening curses making them turning points in the Harry Potter story and that is why they are valued so much.  So, here it goes the fable of 7 Horcruxes in the order of their appearance


Tom Riddle’s Diary


It is believed that young Tom Riddle (a.k.a Lord Voldemort) found the way of latching a part of one’s soul in an object from the “Secrets of the Darkest Art”, once kept in Hogwarts Library but later hidden by Albus Dumbledore in his office.  The Horcrux number 2 was created by Tom Riddle during his sixth year at Hogwarts by killing Moaning Myrtle, (Tom’s classmate who came from a impure bloodline of wizards i.e. Muggie) using the Basilisk (The King of Serpents) from the Chamber of Secrets.


Tom gave the diary to his best friend Lucius Malfoy. While aware of the diary’s wicked influence, Lucius in turn gave it to Ginny Weasley, a freshman at Hogwarts. The evil soul fragment possessed Ginny and made her open the Chamber of Secrets. It even started to suck life out of her. But, Harry comes to the rescue and stabs the diary with Basilisk’s venomous fang and thus destroying the Horcrux for the first time without knowing it was a Horcrux.


Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring


Tom Riddle created his first ever Horcrux during the summer before his fifth year at Hogwarts by using his maternal grandfather’s ring. He hated being common. To create this Horcrux, he killed his father who had no wizardry origins.

Dumbledore-wears-Marvolo-Gaunt’s-RingDumbledore finds the Marvolo Gaunt’s ring hidden under the floorboards in a Goldenbox protected by spells in the Gaunt family house. He then destroys first ever Horcrux using Godric Gryffindor’s sword but then becomes mortally cursed when he tries use the power of the resurrection stone to talk to his dead familu. Forgetting that the ring is cursed, Dumbledore wears it, which ultimately kills him in the Half-Blood-Prince.


Slytherin’s locket


In an attempt to give new meaning to his own existence, Voldemort created Horcrux in items he considered of great value. He attempted to collect items owned by founders of Hogwarts, Godric GryffindorSalazar SlytherinRowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff.

 The Slytherin’s Locket was once bore by Tom’s mom too and he reacquires the locket, kills a Muggle and makes it into a Horcrux. He hides it in a seaside cave where he had once terrorized two of his fellow orphans. The cave’s magical protection included a door that could only be opened with a blood offering, an enchanted boat, a basin of potion that causes pain and horrific visions to the drinker, and the use of Inferi.Harry-blood-to-resurrect

Dumbledore and Harry are outsmarted by a Voldemort loyal. After pursuing and finding a fake locket in the basin, Dumbledore and Harry return dismayed. However, the Slytherin’s locket exchanges a couple of hands before reaching to Dolores Umbridge of the Ministry of Magic as a bribe. Harry Potter and his friends retrieve it from Ministry of Magic and Ron Weasley destroys the Slytherin’s locket using the sword of Gryffindor in the Forest of Dean.


Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup


Tom Riddle doesn’t just end up with Slytherin’s locket from a group of thieves but also Hogwarts co-founder Helga Helga-Hufflepuff’s-Cup-destroyHufflepuff’s cup. Tom casts the Horcrux after he murders Hepzibah Smith, a distant relative of Helga Hufflepuff. Tom entrusts the cup to his Bellatrix Lestrange, one of the most faithful Voldemort follower, who kept the cup in a Bank.

Again, team Harry is able to retrieve the Cup despite the curses in place. Hermione destroys the cup using the leftover Basilisk fangs from the Chamber of Secrets.


Diadem of Ravenclaw


If you ever remember the moving staircase and floor plans at Hogwarts, then know that they were the contribution of Rowena Ravenclaw, a heartbroken beautiful witch with sharp with and creativity.Rowena-Ravenclaw Her genius was attributed to a Diadem (a tiara of sort) which improved wisdom of its wearer which was apparently lost.

Harry later finds out that her lost Diadem became a Horcrux which is later destroyed by a Fiendfyre curse.



Hary Potter


If some point in Harry Potter would be as revealing as it can be, then it is the moment when Harry Potter doesn’t die in the Deathly Hallows when Voldemort casts the killing spell. Once in his childhood Potter faces similar fate and leaves with a scar connecting him with Voldemort causing visions and pains whenever he is around the Horcruxes or Voldemort’s presence.

There is this confusion whether him being able to come out alive is because he had all Deathly Hallows in his presence while fighting Voldemort or it was because of Voldemort’s Horcrux combining with Harry during his childhood. Nevertheless, facts are clear. Unknowingly in Harry’s childhood, Voldemort’s soul was split when he killed Harry’s parents and it found refuge in Harry. That is why he had the scar. But, later when Voldermort cast the death spell on Harry, he killed his Horcrux within Harry instead. Harry was able to come out of death either because of Deathly Hallows or for an entirely different reason.Battle-of-the-Hogwarts

The reason being Voldemort using Harry’s blood to resurrect in the Goblet of Fire and that same blood protects Mr. Potter from being wiped off existence. Either way, Voldermort has no idea that Harry is protecting a part of his soul within him, and Voldemort killing Harry is essentially Voldemort killing a part of himself in a surprising twist of events which ultimately leads to Harry being free of Voldemort’s soul and defeating Voldemort at the Battle of the Hogwarts.




The favorite pet snake of Voldemort is the only living Horcrux apart from the protagonist Harry. He created the Horcrux while hiding in Albania by killing Bertha Jorkins. Nagini was eventually killed by Neville Longbottom by Gryffindor’s sword, thus making Voldemort a complete mortal for the last battle at the Hogwarts.

No matter how hard we try immortality is a dream that cannot be achieved. Tom Marvolo Riddle learnt it the hard way. Thankfully, for us  we have the writings of JK Rowling to keep on enjoying Harry Potter in the days to come.

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