10 Reasons Why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world

Written by Soham Amatya

You know it. Don’t you?

Switzerland is the country with the lowest crime rate in the world. 

It’s also the country with the longest immigration practice with majority of foreign population. Unlike France, Sweden and Germany –Switzerland is more than just a rich and developed country in Europe. However, this isn’t about whether or not a country is well-off in terms of its per capita income –  this is more about the real statistics. And when it comes down to the actual figures, Switzerland is a country that just can’t be compared to any other parts of the world.With a very low rate of robbery and criminal homicide, crime is simply not a public concern in Switzerland. The country witnessed 25% decline in pickpocketing and 30% decline in thefts with violence in 2014, according the Swiss Government Reports.

The data obtained from a survey carried out in 482 households by a Zurich crime victimization was compared to the similar data from England, the United States, Sweden and Denmark. Outcomes that came out were startling. Individual as well as household crime in Switzerland are considerably low. Plus, the theft rates and burglary in Zurich are much lesser than those in the cities of U.S. and Germany.

So why is it that crime rate in Switzerland is the least in the world? Is it because the Swiss government’s policies are better off than rest of the other countries? Or is it just that the people in Switzerland are naturally peace-loving? Let’s find out.

Here are 10 reasons why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world.


A relaxed law enforcement


Almost all the laws in Switzerland are generally voted on by the citizens themselves – a foolproof reason in itself why there’s no any question of disobeying the laws. The majority of imprisonment are likewise for a year or less. What’s more, every single judge is chosen by a favored vote. Instead of putting an emphasis on punishment, prisons focus on the reintegration into the community – resulting in a strong community connection with reduced criminal activities and more responsible people.


Gun Control

ssafest country in the world

They say when guns are fewer, crimes become less. Do you really think so? Might be the case in the United States, but in Switzerland, more often than not, it’s just the opposite. How ironic it is that Switzerland has an established gun culture taken up by almost all of its 8 million citizens – even the children as young as 10 years’ age. But still the gun crime rate here is way lesser compared to the US. Every 5 out of 100,000 people die in Gun murders in the United States while only 0.5 out of 100,000 people are killed by gun violence in Switzerland. Just about every single Swiss neighborhood owns a shooting range. And based on who’s monitoring, the authority rates the number of guns as per capita. When you’re in Switzerland, you can simply enter a cafe in a city and check out rifles hanging on the racks. It’s all that amazing. Even if there are guns all around, the environment however is so much peaceful.


Sound Military Force


Switzerland has such a provision that once its male citizens reach the age 20, he has to serve in the military. The boys get all the military trainings they need and are issued with a weapon that they’re allowed to keep at their homes. Growing old with their guns – not only are they trained how to shoot, at an early age, but also taught to protect their nation when needed. But just because everyone is equipped with firearms, doesn’t mean there’s no any safety around. Switzerland values the safety of its citizens, and so does its military.


Switzerland’s amazing Climate


To most people’s belief, Switzerland seriously isn’t all about snowy mountain ranges. Temperature here varies based on the regions, however there is no extreme cold or even heat for that matter. With warm summers and cold winters, the climate in Switzerland is fairly moderate. Speaking of criminal offences, some research studies have claimed that climate change is likely to raise serious crime rates. As for Switzerland, it’s moderate climate and peaceful ambiance could be one of the crucial reasons why crime rate is the lowest in relationship to other countries.


The number of elderly people is increasing


 Just about 17% of the total population in Switzerland in 2012 was 65 or over. The life expectancy of a Swiss male at the time of his birth is 80.5 years while for females it’s 84.7 years. Swiss women are probably the oldest in Europe at the time of giving birth to their first child. In an average, a Swiss woman gives birth to her first child at the age of 30. As clear as it seems – more the older people, lesser the crime.


The Swiss are an educated population

Switzerland has one of the world’s best and diverse education systems in the world. Primary schooling is mandatory for each and every child and is offered for free in Swiss public schools. According to a study in 2013, almost 86% of 25-64 aged individuals had the equivalent of a high school diploma in Switzerland. With a great educational system and remarkable academic records, the probability that Swiss people will get drawn into criminal activities is definitely quite low.


Switzerland is home to highly skilled workers


The area of studies ranging from biotechnology to pharmaceuticals and IT and micro-technology; Switzerland’s economy is centered on highly competent and skilled workers. More than 79% of the total population in 2013 had a paid job in Switzerland. Now why would somebody commit a crime if s/he is already happy with their job?


Swiss Greetings


Swiss people are extremely formal in their greetings. If you happen to be around a Swiss guy or a girl, the first thing you’d want to do is stretch your hand out and say grüezi (hello). The guys stick with a hug or a handshake quite often, while the girls would probably kiss on the cheeks as part of their culture.

Swiss people greet everywhere – in the malls, streets, hiking trails and where not! How on earth could such kind, humble and social people add up to the crime rate in the world?


Homogenous Population


Switzerland is a small country with a small population. But even with this size of population, its cities have managed to be on the list of best places in the world to live. Why so? One of the significant reasons is its outstanding homogeneity amongst the population it has. People here speak all kinds of languages from French and Italian to German and Romansh. Over 23% of the foreigners account for the total population. People are genuine and so are their thoughts. Crime has simply no place in Switzerland.


Guaranteed Human Rights


Switzerland is one of the oldest democratic countries where human rights are widely guaranteed. In conjunction with some other European nations, Switzerland is actually at the topmost position in international political rights and civil liberties. These human rights make sure all the Swiss citizens are treated equally. And when everyone is treated in the same way, it’s less likely that people will be serious offenders.


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