Top 10 List of Crocodile Movies You Must Watch Before You Die

List of killer crocodile movies you must watch.

What’s up guys! You love movies? Hell yeah you do!

There are a ton of movies out there you want to watch again and again – maybe twice, or thrice, or even endless times. That’s fine.

But what is it seriously that gets your heart pumping when sitting for a movie? Could probably be anything – right? Because we’re all different and so are our movie choices.

Then again, if there’s something that can really give you the chills down your spine – what would that be? Can I say horror movies ? Guess I can. Some people love it – some don’t. If you ask me, well horror is definitely one my favorite genres.

It’s not always about spirits, ghosts or any form of supernatural existence – sometimes it’s just some earth born creatures. They can cause your heart to race and give you some serious goosebumps. They definitely make for great movie monsters. Yes, they are alligators and crocodiles.

These real badass monstersare pretty much the closest to the dinosaurs. Love watching such crocodile movies ?  Sadly, there aren’t as many awesome crocodile movies as there are for Dinosaurs. But anyway, here are my 10 picks of best alligator movies by far.




If it’s crocodile movies you love, Rogue is definitely you don’t want to miss out. It’s a 2007 Australian independent horror film.This great thrill flick with ample crocodile effects is based on a true story. Despite such an amazing cast and beautiful cinematography, the movie yet turned out to be a huge failure in the box-office.



Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2


Crocodile Dundee 1 isn’t actually a crocodile movie. But still, the movie revolves around a crocodile slayer who is in New York for a holiday. It’s a classic movie and there are croc scenes here and there. Crocodile Dundee 1 was the second biggest Box Office Hit of 1986. And soon after its grand success, Crocodile Dundee 2 was released in 1988. This Australian-American adventure and comedy is all fun and interesting. I’d say this would be an enjoyable watch.



Lake placid


If it wasn’t for the sequels, Lake Placid wouldn’t even make it up to this list. I’m not much of a fan of this movie, but since I’m out of good croc movies and there aren’t any options to choose from – I’d have to go for it. Most of the scenes are shit. But don’t worry, a couple of scenes are up to scratch, so you can still give it a go.



Dark age


You want a good crocodile movie? Watch Dark Age next time you’re free. It’s full of carnage and all that you normally expect from a good horror. This 1987 Australian thriller has crocodile effects that can seem pretty cheesy these days. But I say you ignore those parts because the cast is simply amazing. Don’t think – just go and get soaked in the movie.





Primeval isn’t a genius piece of art. The movie is same as the majority of mainstream horror flicks these days with so many clichéd moments we’ve already watched hundred times.However, quite a few scenes are just incredibly crafted. And above all, the croc is the best part. Since the movie is suspenseful and well edited, it could be a great time-pass.



alligator-1980-full-movieAlligator is a classic movie from 1980. The movie is about a newborn alligator that is flushed down a toilet in Chicago. The monster happens to make it through by eating dumped laboratory rats treated with growth hormones. Later it grows to be a mammoth and brings about violent disorder. The interesting part is – when shooting this movie, a Swat team coming up from the sewers seemed so real that people literally assumed they were terrorists and called the cops. Funny, isn’t it?


Eaten Alive

eaten-alive-1977Exciting, surreal, and brutal. That’s all I have to say about ‘Eaten Alive.’ Tobe Hooper is one of a kind in this movie. This is actually a fast onslaught of absolute mayhem and dark humor. Even though it wasn’t as successful as Hooper’s debut – Chainsaw, the thriller part was quite impressive – one can’t help but overlook Neville Brand’ awesome acting skills. The guy is spookily convincing in his role. If you’re going to watch it, get ready for the creepiness and fun all at one fell swoop.


Blood Surf

Talk about a gigantic man-eating crocodile movie, and you’ll find quite a few better flicks than ‘Blood Surf. But what if I say it’s not that bad – compared to movies like ‘supercroc.’ You can take a sigh of relief now. For some reason, it still is an entertaining monster movie. If you enjoy seeing people ripped apart by a large alligator in a movie, this is it. Even if the croc sort of looked fake, you can still lay down and have a good time with it.


Killer crocodile

killer-crocodile-2It wasn’t as terrible as I at first thought it would be. This is perhaps the best compliment an anonymous and cheap Italian-produced flick would have ever received. ‘Killer Crocodile’ is in fact quite a funny movie if you truly assess it. The idea is much the same as other movies – particularly the POV-shots. But at the end of the day, when you’re done watching this Italian flick, you’d find it pretty much entertaining. Something is definitely better than nothing. I’d say you go for it if you’re too much fond of fast-paced movies.


Black water


Black water is one of the most realistic crocodile movies ever. Regardless of such a small budget, the Australian directors Andrew  Traucki and David Nerlich have done much justice to the movie. The panic in the movie seems very realistic. While the best part is – the movie actually hasn’t used any cheap animations and after effects. Yes, it’s got real crocs and it’s definitely a movie worth watching.


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