Top 10 Weird Sports of the World

Top 10 Weird Sports of the World

The mainstream sports like football, basketball, rugby, and cricket is heard and played in many countries. These are the common sports played all around the world. But there might be many unusual sports that are played which you may not be well aware about. Here we present the most unusual sports that exist and is played which you may not have heard about. Comment in the comment box below what you have to say about the unusual sport of if you had heard about some of them.


Sports with no cloths


Taking off your cloths and playing sports is not recommended or watching people play sports without cloths. It is a custom for athletics in most part of the world to wear some kind of clothing. But this has an exception nowadays with naturist organized events. There are many events that takes place nude like “World Naked Bike Ride”, “International Alps Adria Meeting”, “International Nudist Swimming Gala” , “International Naturist Sports Week” , “Roskilde Festival” etc. There are also some cultures in the tropics today in which sports are played in the nude or partially nude.


Chess Boxing

Chess boxing is a sport where the players play chess as well as box. The sport takes place in alternating rounds. In 1992, French artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal invented it in his comic book Froid Équateur. The first real event of chess-boxing was organized by Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh in 2003. This is a fast growing sport and audience wait for a checkmate or knockout to decide the match. The sport has 11 rounds which starts with a four minute chess round and followed by two minutes of boxing.



Bossaball is similar to volleyball but is a hybrid of football, gymnastics and capoeira. The game is played on a specially designed inflatable court with a circular trampoline on each side of a net. It is a ball game between two teams, each consisting of 3 to 5 players. It is spectacular new and unusual sport invented in Spain by Filip Eyckmans who developed the concept in 2004.


Wife Carrying Competition

Wife carrying competition is where men race carrying their wife on various surfaces and getting through dry land and water based obstacles. The men race about 253.5 m. It is held annually in Finland in early July. The prize to the winner is a mobile phone, and more importantly they also win their wife’s weight in beer.


World Gurning Contest

Gurning means pulling a face and the ones who can full and make the face ugliest wins. Gurning competitions are originated in 1297 at the Egremont Crab Fair, in the UK. It makes sense then that as part of ‘Crab Fair’ in this part of the world they hold face pulling competitions to see who can make the ugliest face.



This is a sport of rolling downhill inside an orb usually made from transparent plastic. Though it can be done on a level surface permitting more rider control, the riders roll down hill on a gentle slope. It is known as an extreme slope though it is not so much. There is no exact competition for it unless you compete with a friend.


Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is an extreme sport played by people who call themselves ‘Ironist’. They go to remote location and iron wrinkled cloths. The ‘ironist’ takes a thrill from going to different places with their unplugged iron, wrinkled cloths and an iron board to photograph themselves in their act. They have reached include extreme altitude, underwater, hanging from cliffs, and on top of vehicles. Extreme ironing is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt”.




Poohsticks is the weird sport that mentioned in the book A.A. Milne ‘The House at Pooh Corner’, a Winnie-the-Pooh book. This is a simple sport where the players drop their poohstick into the running water and whose ever stick comes first through the bridge is the winner. It is a simple sport which may be played on any bridge over running water The annual World Poohsticks Championships have been held at Day’s Lock on the River Thames in the UK, since 1984.


Bed Racing

The first bed race happened in 1965 and was only open to Army, Navy and American Marines. But later the competition was open to everyone. The sport of Bed Racing has been embraced by the people of the North Yorkshire Town of Knaresborough. There are five members in a team with one bed. They decorate the bed with the theme of the year. Though the bed runs on wheels, it must also be able to float. The race which is 3km run begins and ends at Conyngham Hall. On their run, the teams face the one-in-five gradient climb to Castle Top before its back down the hill and toward the final challenge – crossing a river.


Oil Wrestling

The oldest oil wrestling is in Kirkpinar, Edirne Turkey, held in June each year even though it takes place all around the world.  Dating back to 1357 celebrating an Ottoman victory, it is part of a festival. The known as pehlivan, the participants covered in olive oil try to wrestle the other to the ground. This type of wrestling is also done in northern Greece in the Eastern Macedonia and West Thrace. Now, it is also being popular in other countries like Netherlands and Japan.


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